Blind day: ‘I picked up on mutual interest’ | Dating |

Oscar on John

Just what were you hoping for?

You to definitely make myself chuckle, and then have a cool evening with. Easily didn’t recognise him from Crimewatch, that might be a plus.

First impressions?

Really precious and also friendly.

What do you discuss?

Barcelona, our rather fabulous waiter and
RuPaul’s Drag Race
(we’re both superfans).

Any uncomfortable minutes?

Most likely when I mentioned “lol” at the top of my lungs.

Great dining table manners?

Best. He place me to shame.

Smartest thing about John?

Easy to speak with – actually chatty. Lovely smile, too.

Would you introduce him your buddies?


Describe him in three terms.

Quiet, nice, caring.

What do you think he made of you?

The guy said I became “energetic”. Possibly the next glass of wine had been a mistake.

Do you embark on someplace?


And… do you hug?


If you could alter the one thing concerning the night, what would it is?

I would have grabbed a drink before meal.

Markings regarding 10?


Do you really fulfill once more?

Why don’t we see. Even while friends might be great.

John on Oscar

What happened to be you longing for?

To meet my personal future baby-sugar daddy

Very first impressions?

Beautiful look.

What did you explore?

A lot about RuPaul, our very own people and all of our distrust of people who dislike meal.

Any embarrassing moments?

Possibly as he said he was 19.

Good table manners?

The guy don’t toast on our first alcohol beverage.

Smartest thing about Oscar?

This type of good power.

Are you willing to present him to your friends?

My housemate would want him.

Describe him in three terms.

Effervescent, friendly, appealing.

Precisely what do you think the guy made from you?

Possibly somewhat pretentious? I picked up on common appeal.

Do you carry on someplace?

Unfortunately not. I was on my bike and 30 minutes from home.

And… do you kiss?

Possibly a little peck.

Should you could transform the one thing in regards to the night, what would it be?

The bistro wouldn’t are empty by dessert.

Markings away from 10?


Is it possible you meet once again?


Oscar and John ate
at the National Cafe
, London WC2.

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